What is natural?

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What about sex? In the modern world, there is more than the rational act of the possibility of having a child, it is ingrained in us. A condom is false. What is the effect on the psychology? Men would think that women are much more infertile. They ask: where are the kids?

The spiritual part relates to the meaning and goals in life. What is the goal of science can’t be answered through science.

It is not that a “natural” life is a goal on its own. (Or is it?) But a false life has confusion, it is not accountable. having a true life permits us to fulfill our goal because what we feel is closer to what happens.

What happens when you do something unnatural? In general, like drinking red bull. But are you able to handle it? For that you need to know what you are supported on. On people, partially. But it’s my perception of how much they support me, also given by how much I value them. Something unnatural feels wrong for me if I was in a natural state. But if I was generally feeling wrong, then there is no change. And so I end up doing more unnatural things. So there is a high cost of disconnecting from my emotions for one thing: because it makes me do more false things afterwards.